We are The Folding Boat Company LLC.

We have a revolutionary new patented boat design that allows freedom and portability unlike any other boat on the market. Our boat is very simple, but totally unique & will fill a void for a wide variety of recreational outdoorsmen. It consists of a light weight, compact, “folding chair” type design for a single place boat, that you can take anywhere.

Unfold Your Next Adventure!

We have a true folding boat.Unlike other boats our frame folds inside the skin, which is how we achieve a 5-6 minute or less assembly time. The assembled rigid interior aluminum frame nests between inflatable tubes which provide shock absorption (and flotation should it be needed). The frame allows the user a sturdy purchase for getting in and out of the boat and while paddling. The boats are very stable and roomy too. Assembly is amazingly quick and simple. All you do is un-tri-fold the boat, slide four sets of sleeves, add two frames, and inflate the tubes. The inner inflatable tubes provide the shock absorption that protects the frame and the outer skin from rocks logs or whatever you may bump into or over. Our boat fold small and light, inside its own backpack and can easily fit into the trunk of a car or closet when folded. Now you have the portability to take or store your boat anywhere! It’s great for airline travel, backpacking into remote lakes, or RV trips. Take it out for photography, fishing, hunting, camping, or just sightseeing… anywhere where you can carry a 18 pound backpack! Our boats have the fastest assembly time, a great payload, and are one of the lightest and most durable on the market, yet still remain incredibly comfortable and more stable than many kayaks. The bottom line is, our boats are built for hassle-free fun, built to last, and at less than $900, they’re affordable!