With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to get out on the water than right now. With your Folding Boat Co. K-Pak, you don’t have to worry about rack mounts - just fold them up and toss them in the trunk. The more you can fit in your car, the more friends and family out on the water. But where to first? Let’s check out some of the best spots in the golden state, where the heat bangs and getting into a lake is as freeing as ever - California. 

La Jolla


Looking to get your fix of sea lion hangs? Look no further than La Jolla Shores - traverse vast sea caves garnered with kelp forests home to many gentle barking giants. Just 20 minutes from La Jolla Shores beach in San Diego, the spot is an ecological reserve with tons of sea life during certain parts of the year. If you’re lucky, you can even spot a few leopard sharks (harmless) and dolphins.


If urban kayaking is more of your thing, and you’re near LA, pop down to the LA liver for a smooth ride. It’s the best way to get a unique fix of the city while also being immersed in some of the lush greenery in the area you may not otherwise experience.

Channel Islands


Just off the coast near Oxnard, this area is a great day trip for LA residents. Traveling through the Channel Islands National Park will take you through some breathtaking rock formations and open blue sea. If you can make it, we recommend scuba diving!


San Diego residents know about the summer tradition of Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay, and how awesome it is to catch one of these shows from the peaceful comfort of a kayak on water. While the show may be on pause this year for obvious reasons, make sure you jot this one down for future reference. This is another smooth sail that offers a good balance of urban and natural sights. 


Between Lassen National Forest and Plumas National Forest, about three hours north of Sacramento lies Lake Almanor. It’s a wide, smooth lake with lush mountains and nature on either side, perfect for soaking up some sun or hopping in for a dip to cool off. It’s also a great spot for activities like camping, hiking or fishing. Fun fact: the lake is actually a man-made reservoir built in the early 1900s. 


Catalina Island


For all your tropical indulgence, Catalina Island - 22 miles off the coast of Southern California - has got you covered. It boasts magical clear waters and mystical secluded coves that are great for spotting some sea life below. For you SoCal locals, this one is a must, and you won’t want to leave once you hit the water.


If stunning mountainous regions catch your eye more than tropical clear blue waters, June Lake will be the spot for you. Located in the eastern Sierra Nevada region, this relaxing lake is encapsulated by beautiful evergreen forest and snowy peaks. It’s best during the summer months, but fall colors paint such a pretty tone to the forest landscape as you gawk from the serenity of the peaceful waters. 


Noted to be one of the most scenic destinations for kayaking in California, Lake Sonoma offers gorgeous views of the area’s shorelines and coves, with several scenic inlets to explore. Just 45 minutes north of Santa Rosa, it also boasts a plentiful fishing scene as well as jetskiing, sailing and windsurfing. That said, there are still plenty of secluded, tranquil spots to get some much needed quiet time. 


For some stunning coastal scenery and thriving marine wildlife, Monterey Bay is highly renowned as one of the best kayak spots in Northern California. About a two hour drive from San Francisco/Bay Area, this scenic spot lets you play it safe by paddling closer to the harbor, or setting out far and wide into the open blue. A variety of fish can be caught here, and if you’re lucky (or unlucky?) you may run into a giant squid. 


Jumping back into evergreen pines that decorate mountainous peaks shouldering a serene body of water, Fallen Leaf Lake helps wrap up the list. Right in El Dorado County, the water reaches depths of around 400 feet and is also home to various species of fish. From rocky to sandy shores, this lake gives the perfect taste of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. 

Kayaking in Long Beach

Wherever you venture, don’t forget to pack you K-Pak Foldable Kayak! Fitting into an included backpack, no destination is too wild for a paddling adventure!