K-PAK Do’s & Don’ts:


• Try to find clean level surface to assemble boat.

• Take care not to pinch fingers when engaging sleeves.

• Double check that sleeves and cross frames are fully engaged before inflating air tubes.

• Clean and thoroughly dry boat before packing away for an extended period of time.

• Always wear a personal flotation device when using the boat.

• When disassembling the boat, you will need to pull one side over the other just before folding. This will assure you have a narrow package to fit back inside the backpack.


• Drag boat over the ground.

• Cross thread the Boston Valves when closing them!

• Leave boat in sun for extended periods of time

• Over inflate air tubes or seat. They should be quite firm but not hard. Heat from extended sun exposure will expand air in tubes.

• Try to fold boat before checking to make sure sleeves are disengaged

Helpful to Know:

• The three straps either side amidships attach the frame & inflatable tubes to the skin. You can remove the frame & inflatable tubes from the skin by releasing these six buckles if you need to do some special cleaning. We recommend you do this when you need to remove sand, salt, or other debris from inside the boat.

• Get out and portage your boat if the water is too low to navigate. Trying to “scoot” your boat through low water will eventually wear out the urethane bottom coating.

• It is usually easier for just one person to assemble the boat. This is because you’ll need to make sure the frame tubes are aligned when operating the sleeves. This becomes complicated when it is being attempted by more than one person at the same time.