5 More Foldable Products We Love

Foldable and collapsible products serve a wide range of uses and recreational styles of enjoying the outdoors. From backpacking to casual car camping, to kayaking, it never hurts to save on space with efficient, packable designs and construction. Such products cut back on unnecessary weight and features that make accessing your favorite outdoor adventures a little heavier and slower.

Thus is the mantra of our brand: we want everybody to be able to reach your dream destination and experience it to the fullest, as easily as possible. That’s why we’ve rounded up 5 more of our favorite packable, foldable and collapsible outdoor gear to keep your load light and ready. 

Matador - Pocket Blanket, $29.99

We know your trusty picnic blanket has a special place in your heart - but let’s face it: the bulky quilt you know and love is just a pain to carry. That’s where Matador’s Pocket Blanket comes in, literally folding down to the size of a wallet. It features a water and puncture resistant material, and is sizable to seat anywhere from two to four people. Windy day? No worries - it comes with tethered ground stakes you can use to secure it, or use the sand pockets on softer terrain. Matador makes a ton of other cool, ultra packable pieces like towels and cases, but their pocket blanket is just truly something else. 

GoSun - SolarPanel 10, $59.00

We’re all for disconnecting when we’re outdoors, but the solar-powered, eco-friendly camp gadgets that GoSun pioneers are just too cool not to feature. Sometimes, we all need a charge in a pinch, whether it’s our phones, GPS or a bluetooth speaker to get the vibe just right. The SolarPanel 10 is weather-resistant solar cellphone charger that easily folds up and delivers massive amounts of electricity to charge your USB devices. Its built-in USB port can charge your phone as fast as any wall outlet, and charges itself in the sun at a similar rate. Packing and folding up flat, it’s an easy carry in your backpack. 

ENO - SkyLoft Hammock, $129.95

Eagle Nest Outfitters are no novices when it comes to quality design, and the SkyLoft is no compromise. With lightweight aluminum spreader bars, it features a toggle system that allows you to switch between “Sleep” or “Relax” mode. Two very distinct positions that really do make a difference in how you hang, pun intended. Its NewWave™ nylon material offers a light and breathable feel but doesn’t hold back on durability. When it’s time to move, easily bundle it up into its integrated hammock pillow and you’re good to go. 

GSI Outdoors - Coffee Rocket, $9.95

What most of us can’t survive without - on the go, now you don’t have to. This clever, compacting pour-over has it all in one - from folding legs to a filter screen and removable drip cone. The screen and snorkel make for efficient, flavorful brews and super easy clean up. Quickly brew 6 oz of coffee in two and a half minutes. If you’re serving coffee for more than one, they have bigger options, but the Coffee Rocket collapses down to just under four inches, making it super easy to fit into a pack. 




Sea to Summit - X-Set 31 Cookset, $109.95

Including a 2.8 liter X-Pot, two X-Mugs and two X-Bowls - the X-Set 31 Cookset collapses down to 2.5 inches tall. The X-Pot allows for fast boiling with its hard-anodized aluminum base, with a translucent lid and handy built-in strainer. The X-Mugs can also double as measuring cups with their internal gradient measurement markings! The X-Bowls also feature a food-grade, rigid nylon base that’s durable enough to use as a cutting board for meal prep. With all these awesome, multi-purpose features, we can’t help but choose this cookset as the on-the-trail go-to. 



We can’t end things without shouting out the one that started it all for us - our beloved Foldable K-Pak. Favorite lake spot a short walk on the trail? No worries, you can pack our K-Pak down into a 21lb backpack and go where roads can’t take you. Couple that with all of the sweet cargo mentioned above, and you’ve got the day trip of a lifetime in the books.