By Folding Boat Co Founder, Pete Flood,

Here in Central North Carolina we can paddle mostly year round. Winter weather is usually above freezing in the day time and the lakes and rivers are normally ice free. We also have lots of rivers and streams with adjacent swamp lands that make for good duck hunting, whether with gun or camera.

In an earlier blog I wrote about how one duck hunt many years ago provided the inspiration to build a folding kayak and start The Folding Boat Company. It was a very cold morning and my friend and I schlepped a heavy canoe for more than a mile down an old railroad track bed for a short 30 minute hunt. It was a lot of work. There had to be a better way and that’s how the K-Pak was born. Our boats are designed for portability, comfort, stability, and quick and easy assembly.


Now when we go duck hunting, we use the K-Pak with camouflage covers sewn by Laura, our wonderful seamstress. The Atlantic flyway through NC offers great incentive to get up and out on the water before sunrise for a chance at various types of ducks traveling south for the winter.

The K-Pak’s portability allows for access to areas other boats can’t get to. We can easily hike into beaver ponds, remote swamps, and other prime locations and never see another duck boat. The camo cover blends right into the natural fauna. I once watched a beaver try to climb out on my friend Kevin’s boat, thinking it a small part of the shore line. Not sure who was more surprised by that experience. This makes for a great sneak boat too. Easy to quietly paddle up on wildlife for a chance shot with gun or camera. The boat is very comfortable so waiting for game to come to you is pleasurable.



And when it is time to pack up and go home the K-Pak disassembles in just 4-5 minutes, ready to pack out with the boat and your gear in the K-Pak backpack.     

Happy Hunting!