Paddling in Hong Kong - Everything You Need To Know

There’s no better way to beat the Hong Kong heat than by getting out on the water. It’s home to some of the prettiest sights and locations that are easily accessible by kayak. From sea caves to cliff formations, or just a chill day of floating, there’s no shortage of picturesque views and hangouts in Hong Kong. 

Getting Prepped 

Unless you’re a Hong Kong resident or local, you’ll probably end up renting a kayak (that is, if you haven’t packed your ultra-portable K-Pak through customs). In which case, it’s a good idea to have your rental guide’s contact information incase of emergency. 

Water, snacks, sunblock and a waterproof drybag will make your trip all the better. Now that we’re packed up, let’s check out some of the nicest spots and how to get there. 


The best thing to equate Hong Kong’s signature GeoPark to is one of the United State’s natural parks - with so much more eco-diversity sprinkled in. Located in Sai Kung, the park features volcanic formations and crystal blue waters, plus a ton of other wonderful sights and activities. A group tour is one of the best ways to experience the full scope of the park - showing you Bluff Island, Sharp Island or Tiu Cheung Island. It’s also the safest way to tour all of the crazy rock formations in the area. Wild Hong Kong and SeaKayak are the best options for touring. 

To get there, take the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) to Choi Hung then the 1A Minibus to Sai Kung Pier. From there it’s a short 15 minute walk along Wai Man Road. For private kayak rentals, hit up Ah Kwok Water Sports.

Kwun Yam Wan 

If you’re looking for a quieter retreat near the buzzling Tung Wan Beach, Kwun Yam Wan is a peaceful beach where the waters are calm and the views are endless. The Liu Family has run Hing Kee Beach Store for nearly 70 years, and provide excellent tours around the island and reasonable prices for rental. 

To get there, take the ferry from Central Pier Five to Cheung Chau - pass the Warwick Hotel and walk five or ten minutes to Tung Wan Beach. From there, Kwun Yam Wan Beach should be in sight and just a short walk away. 

Hoi Ha

Located deep in the UNESCO GeoPark is Hoi Ha Village - a quaint, charming village home to a marine park that offers much to see. The surrounding waters are protected and calm, which makes it a great place for beginner paddlers. It features a peaceful oasis of clear water with many other visitors snorkeling.

Take the MTR and minibus to Sai Kung, then the number 7 minibus to Hoi Ha to its last stop - walking through the village will bring you to the waterfront. On the waterfront there will be numerous vendors where you should be able to get rentals if need be. 

Tai O 

The Tai O village is one of the most unique, tranquil places you can visit in Hong Kong. Known for its traditional stilt houses, prime seafood and peaceful lifestyle - this fishing village is a must-see. The best option for witnessing the full scope of the area's beauty is a tour with A Team Edventures. Their tour will take you through the Hau Wong Temple to the habitat of Hong Kong’s rare pink dolphins. 

Hopefully by now you’ve mastered the MTR, because you’ll need to take it to Tung Chung Station. From there, take the number 11 bus from Tung Chung Town Centre where you’ll ride for about an hour. 


A famous tourist destination because of its thriving local market, Stanley also features two whole beaches with ripe opportunities for paddling and other water sports. Enjoy views of Lamma Island with a calm bed of water in fall months and in the summer, wild waves and winds. St. Stephen’s Beach Water Sports Centre is the go-to for rentals as well as classes.

To get there, take the Central bus number 6/6A/6X straight to Stanley. 


Any avid paddler would find true solace in the calm, blue waters of Hong Kong. Just like any seasoned paddler knows the best option for readily accessible paddling anytime, anywhere is with our foldable K-Pak boat!