What Makes our K-Pak So Special | The Folding Boat Co. Portable Kayak

At the core of Folding Boat Company's philosophy is making outdoor adventure accessible. That’s why our K-Pak, the perfect boat in a backpack, is designed with the best features to make that possible. With tons of meticulous research, and years of experience boating in the outdoors, we’re confident we’ve achieved that with our esteemed folding kayak. 

Easy Assembly

After carrying the folding boat to your favorite secluded lake spot by trail, the last thing we wanted customers to have to deal with was a convoluted set up. Instead, our user-friendly assembly will have you ready to hit the water in just minutes. This is thanks to our cleverly designed butterfly frame. Simply format each of the components, secure the frames and properly inflate the seat and air tubes with the included pump and voila! If you’ve ever set up a tent, or inflated a mattress using a pump, it’ll be a breeze. If you’re more of a visual learner, check out our handy video tutorial that walks you through the easy process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaQJpDAuNYc&t=6s

Comfort and Durability

We pride ourselves on the coziness of our inflatable seat. When its padded ridges reach firm inflation, you experience tranquility on a whole new level, all while taking in the pretty sights and harmonic sounds of the outdoors. Its ergonomic back support makes for hours of fun on the water all the way through sunset. 

However, one major part of comfort is safety, which is why our durable design is built to stay afloat and fend off any tears or punctures. Our crazy tough and ultra lightweight custom thermal polyurethane fabrics feature high tenacity polyester scrims. In other words, our K-Pak’s shell is ultra tough to withstand any unwanted bumps and bruises. 

The construction of the shell features Radio-Frequency welded seams, meaning they’ll never tear or come undone. The rigid, inner frame is made of 6061 T6 aluminum. These features combined not only ensure longevity of our product, but also safety on the water, allowing you to float with peace of mind. Tested on lakes, streams and oceans from Alaska to North Carolina, our hulls simply don’t back down.  

Simple Storage and Packing

Breaking down into our super secure backpack, included with every K-Pak purchase, our portable kayak weighs just 21 lbs when folded and packed up. This allows for easy traversal on the trails to that lake or river you’ve had your eye on. It also makes for optimal storage when you get home, no matter the size of your living space. At 30” x 3’, easily store it under your bed, in your closet, garage or even garden shed, taking up minimal room. 

Made for Any Adventure, Anywhere

In our portable boat, you’re able to access a wide range of outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family. Plop your little one in your lap and take them for a stroll out to the middle of a peaceful lake, as they oggle sights unseen to their bright eyes - it’ll be an experience they’ll never forget! Bonus points for letting them hold the paddle to help with strokes. 

Are you an avid fisher or hunter? Take the ultimate stealth approach in a well-rounded vessel that lets you quietly coast without disturbing any wildlife. The beauty of our packable boat is that it lets you travel off the beaten path, where roads and highways are distant enough to not scare anything away. 

Speaking of highways, the K-Pak is also completely suitable for urban adventures. Cut across your town’s famous lakes and rivers and get a glimpse of the city through a new lens. It’s the perfect starting point for a wonderful day on the town. 

Want to see what people are saying about our folding kayak? Check out our product page and scroll to the bottom to check out satisfied customer reviews. 

There are a lot of things that make our K-Pak special. Our design philosophy and features speak for themselves, but what makes it truly special are the memories you make while on the water.