On the Water

  • How To Bird Watch By Boat This Winter

    While bird watching is enjoyed best in warmer seasons, that’s not to say that there aren’t some regional species that you can spot during the winter as well. In Western Florida, you can spot Snailkites, Limpkins and even Woodstorks. The Adirondacks are another great location to catch waterfowl and songbirds of all types playing near large bodies of water. Rhode Island is also ripe with Mallards, flocks of Pintails and American Black Ducks in protected bays and marshes. Needless to say, your range of options for spotting some sweet wildlife are pretty wide no matter where you are. Though you won’t be catching many migrations, you’re sure to get lucky to spot a few birds on a feed mission or simply exploring.

    Tourists and locals alike go crazy for the yearly fall foliage spectacle. Can we blame them though? The changing of the colors is a beautiful sight marking the start of a new season, changes to the landscape, and cooler temperatures. Finally, we can go paddling in our portable kayak without sweating through our clothes (for the most part!). Bask in the new season with some of these top picks we selected to view fall from the beauty of the water.