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  • What Makes our K-Pak So Special | The Folding Boat Co. Portable Kayak

    At the core of Folding Boat Company's philosophy is making outdoor adventure accessible. That’s why our K-Pak, the perfect boat in a backpack, is designed with the best features to make that possible. With tons of meticulous research, and years of experience boating in the outdoors, we’re confident we’ve achieved that with our esteemed folding kayak. 
  • How To Bird Watch By Boat This Winter

    While bird watching is enjoyed best in warmer seasons, that’s not to say that there aren’t some regional species that you can spot during the winter as well. In Western Florida, you can spot Snailkites, Limpkins and even Woodstorks. The Adirondacks are another great location to catch waterfowl and songbirds of all types playing near large bodies of water. Rhode Island is also ripe with Mallards, flocks of Pintails and American Black Ducks in protected bays and marshes. Needless to say, your range of options for spotting some sweet wildlife are pretty wide no matter where you are. Though you won’t be catching many migrations, you’re sure to get lucky to spot a few birds on a feed mission or simply exploring.
  • 5 Beautiful Wildlife to Spot While Paddling & Where to See Them

    Paddling is a serene sport that lets you experience the beautiful wild on ground where man wasn’t made to tread - the water. Our lakes, oceans and rivers provide many untapped views you wouldn’t normally be able to access on foot or road. They’re also home to all of the beautiful creatures that occupy our favorite spots in mother nature.

    One of the coolest things about fishing is there are many different types of fish to catch, and most all require their own individual tackle and technique if you are going to be successful at catching them. This is why I love my K-Pak folding Kayak. I can pull my boat out of the trunk of my car and be fishing a local farm pond in just a few minutes. If I have travel plans, I’ll just check the K-Pak (with a four piece paddle, my PFD, and tackle inside the backpack) on most any airplane trip. I’ve used my boat to fish in remote places from all over Alaska to Norway and many places in between.

    Here in Central North Carolina we can paddle mostly year round. Winter weather is usually above freezing in the day time and the lakes and rivers are normally ice free. We also have lots of rivers and streams with adjacent swamp lands that make for good duck hunting, whether with gun or camera.

    Let’s face it. What’s better than kayaking? If you live by the water, have easy access to the river, or own a packable, portable K-Pak, you may head out on a weekly basis. Just like every sport, kayaking has some drawbacks if you are just getting started. A few of these include knowing the class of the river and which sections to look out for, and having a put-in and drop-off point with the adequate transportation to bring you back home. Spending a few days on the river can make this effort worth it and you can enjoy the extra miles in the kayak. Fall is a great time to get out on the river and enjoy some camping along the way. We put together some tips for your next kayaking camp trip. Scroll through some of these suggestions and enjoy even more time on the water!

    It’s no surprise we’re all avid fishermen at the Folding Boat Company. In fact, our love for fishing was one of the reasons we were inspired to design and make our lightweight, foldable kayak, the K-Pak! Always on the lookout for the next adventure, here’s 10 must-fish spots around the globe.

    Here at The Folding Boat Co, we're constantly trying to improve and build upon our current and future models. What better place to get feedback from - than you! The real life paddlers who are kayaking regularly and enjoying time on the water. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, and, by completing you have the option to enter a sweepstakes for a K-Pak Folding Kayak - our original model!

    Ever have hunger ruin a perfectly good trip? We know the feeling, out in the wilderness, among beauty and beautiful flowing water and all you can think about is a large pizza with extra toppings. While pizza is always an option for an easy snack, you might opt-in for some more protein rich options to keep you satisfied longer. Don’t let hunger take over your trip and try some of these options for your next adventure.

    The Southern wetlands and swampy terrains of the South are the perfect place to take refuge from the high-speed whitewater rivers throughout the country. Escape the northern cold with their unpredictable weather and head down South (with plenty of bug spray and sunscreen)! Take a minute to slow down the pace, enjoy some warmer weather, and take in a different scenery. Here are our top 5 places to paddle:


    Utah gets a great rap for being an endless outdoor hub, boasting dozens of amazing state parks, lakes, and camping locations. Even though it may look bleak outside now, Spring is right around the corner and so this is the perfect time to get your planning on. With your portable Folding Boat, there is no body of water out of reach! Let’s head out to Utah and explore some of these top picks:


    When thinking about your next kayaking adventure, the South may not be the first destination that springs to mind. The drama of the Colorado River may pop up instead, or the beautiful landscapes and rushing rivers of Utah. But don’t dismiss the South so quickly. Each region holds different beauty and gems found hidden in the area. Swampy boat rides, exotic birdlife, and sneaky crocodiles are just some of the things to look out for in the South. Head over to one of these swampy areas on your next boating adventure. Local tip: don’t forget some sunscreen and all the bug spray as our mozzies don't mess about!