On the Water

  • Paddling in Hong Kong - Everything You Need To Know

    There’s no better way to beat the Hong Kong heat than by getting out on the water. It’s home to some of the prettiest sights and locations that are easily accessible by kayak. From sea caves to cliff formations, or just a chill day of floating, there’s no shortage of picturesque views and hangouts in Hong Kong. 


    I started reading voraciously in the 5th grade. Once a month in grade school we were allowed to fill out a book order form with our No. 2 pencils and then wait most impatiently for the new books to arrive a few weeks later. Some of my favorite books are from that era. “My Side of the Mountain”, by Jean Craighead George, is one of them. It’s a story about Sam who escapes to the woods from the big city and learns how to live off the land with his pet Peregrine Falcon – Frightful! A perfect, children’s fantasy book with a happy ending, but it inspired me to learn woodsman-ship and outdoor survival skills. In fact, my Grandfather had a beautiful farm in the Catskills which is where I imagined Sam’s adventures took place and where many of mine started.