On the Water

  • 5 Quality Paddling Books to Spark Your Next Adventure

    The water is a formidable beast, but also a charming and serene place to let go of everyday worries. For as long as man has treaded the open waters, there are a myriad of stories and learnings to be told. Bundling up in this colder season may have you longing to make more of those memories on the water yourself, but in the downtime, it never hurt to learn a thing or two or hear an untold story to spark some adventurous inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite kayaking and paddling books for you to kick back with.

  • A Quick Guide to Cold Weather Paddling

    As fall colors paint the trees and roads, we find ourselves deeper and deeper into the colder seasons of the year. While that may be the case, our adventurous spirit will never yield. We’ll take every possible opportunity to get out on the water and explore where the trails can’t reach. That said, the weather tends to work against us at every chance. Water temps at this time of year become deadly, and the brisk cold air isn’t much more forgiving. Will that stop us? Never!
  • 5 Awesome Lake Camp Spots by U.S. Region

    We know that none of you can resist putting your packable kayak at the top of your gear list anytime you plan a camping trip. With colder seasons around the corner it’s important to start getting as much time on the water as possible. But you’ve already been to the local spots millions of times, and are looking to try somewhere new. Be it deep south or high north, we’ve rounded up some awesome spots you need to try in each region of the country. 
  • Top 5 Places to Work Remote in the U.S. by Region

    It’s no secret that the past year and a half has shifted our daily lives as we know it. With the transition of office workspaces shifting to fully remote working, there have certainly been pros and cons of the change. The lack of coworker camaraderie is surely a bit of a bummer, but the freedom to adjust your workflow with all of the amenities of your own home has really opened people’s eyes to the joys of working remotely. So much so, that some companies are now going fully remote - and some employees are even leaving jobs that are starting to require in-office attendance. 
  • Where to Kayak, Canoe and SUP near Vancouver, B.C.

    Exploring by water in a kayak, canoe or SUP are some fun ways to get your family outside this spring/ summer. Children of all ages will enjoy trying a new water sport that will keep them engaged and entertained for hours. Personally, kayaking has been a wonderful way for my family to connect with one another. Are you looking for some new places to explore by water? Below you will find an interactive map of the best places to take your boat this summer near Vancouver, B.C.

  • Paddling in Hong Kong - Everything You Need To Know

    There’s no better way to beat the Hong Kong heat than by getting out on the water. It’s home to some of the prettiest sights and locations that are easily accessible by kayak. From sea caves to cliff formations, or just a chill day of floating, there’s no shortage of picturesque views and hangouts in Hong Kong. 

  • 5 Beautiful Wildlife to Spot While Paddling & Where to See Them

    Paddling is a serene sport that lets you experience the beautiful wild on ground where man wasn’t made to tread - the water. Our lakes, oceans and rivers provide many untapped views you wouldn’t normally be able to access on foot or road. They’re also home to all of the beautiful creatures that occupy our favorite spots in mother nature.
  • 6 News Years Resolutions for the Paddler in You

    With the New Year kicking off, everybody is planning how to tackle their resolutions. For some, eating healthier is on the list, for others, it’s hitting more trails and lakes than the year prior. 

    Any resolution is a good one so long as you seek to improve yourself - but how about expanding the skillset of the adventurer and paddler you’ve become? 


    There is no comparison to those glorious paddling days, and the days spent living in the ‘real world’. You know the world where you have a job, run errands and pay the bills. Getting out on the water brings a certain amount of solitude and allows the soul to heal. With fresh air and an ever-changing landscape, the waterways call to us! If you can’t be out on water 24/7 – like most of us – we complied some fun quotes to keep you motivated throughout the slumpish days. Slumpish? Yea that describes it.

    Kayaking is a sport enjoyed by many, but many people are cut off from access to their favorite sport because of the equipment. Getting a kayak on top of your car can be a difficult task, and usually requires a $500+ roof rack that may not be in the budget at the moment. Sure, you could try without the rack - foam blocks or other options - but either way the process is usually time consuming and nerve-racking going down the highway. The invention of the Folding Boat Co’s K-PAK has saved many from this hassle and expanded the sport to those who otherwise could not participate. But who is behind this bright idea? We caught up with owner, creator, and Construction Project Manager, Pete Flood.

    Montana - from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains - it's a state that needs to be on your bucket list. Not sure where to hit up first? We've got you covered! Enjoy some of these top picks and 'must-see' trips in Montana on your next visit! 

    Kayaking is a sport known for the toll it takes on your upper body. While many people imagine the power resides solely in your arms, they might be surprised to learn the sport also demands super strong core strength - especially if you find yourself swimming! Expert or newbie, mixing these exercises into your routine should help ease the muscle ache and boost your performance. Happy Paddling!