On the Water

  • 5 More Foldable Products We Love

    Foldable and collapsible products serve a wide range of uses and recreational styles of enjoying the outdoors. From backpacking to casual car camping, it never hurts to save on space with efficient, packable designs and construction. They cut back on unnecessary weight and features that make accessing your favorite outdoor adventures a little heavier and slower. Thus is the mantra of our brand - we want everybody to be able to reach your dream destination and experience it to the fullest, as easily as possible. That’s why we’ve rounded up 5 more of our favorite packable, foldable and collapsible outdoor gear to keep your load light and ready. 


    Here in Central North Carolina we can paddle mostly year round. Winter weather is usually above freezing in the day time and the lakes and rivers are normally ice free. We also have lots of rivers and streams with adjacent swamp lands that make for good duck hunting, whether with gun or camera.

    Here at The Folding Boat Co, we're constantly trying to improve and build upon our current and future models. What better place to get feedback from - than you! The real life paddlers who are kayaking regularly and enjoying time on the water. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, and, by completing you have the option to enter a sweepstakes for a K-Pak Folding Kayak - our original model!

    Utah gets a great rap for being an endless outdoor hub, boasting dozens of amazing state parks, lakes, and camping locations. Even though it may look bleak outside now, Spring is right around the corner and so this is the perfect time to get your planning on. With your portable Folding Boat, there is no body of water out of reach! Let’s head out to Utah and explore some of these top picks: