On the Water

  • 6 News Years Resolutions for the Paddler in You

    With the New Year kicking off, everybody is planning how to tackle their resolutions. For some, eating healthier is on the list, for others, it’s hitting more trails and lakes than the year prior. 

    Any resolution is a good one so long as you seek to improve yourself - but how about expanding the skillset of the adventurer and paddler you’ve become? 


    Summer is in full swing, which means we’re all itching to hit the nearest lake - or any body of water for that matter - to cool off. We all know the best spots are low-key and sparsely crowded - especially in current times, and we all have “secret” spots in our area that we only take friends and family worthy of experiencing their hidden grace.


    With summer in full swing, there’s no better time to get out on the water than right now. With your Folding Boat Co. K-Pak, you don’t have to worry about rack mounts - just fold them up and toss them in the trunk. The more you can fit in your car, the more friends and family out on the water. But where to first? Let’s check out some of the best spots in the golden state, where the heat bangs and getting into a lake is as freeing as ever - California. 

    There is no comparison to those glorious paddling days, and the days spent living in the ‘real world’. You know the world where you have a job, run errands and pay the bills. Getting out on the water brings a certain amount of solitude and allows the soul to heal. With fresh air and an ever-changing landscape, the waterways call to us! If you can’t be out on water 24/7 – like most of us – we complied some fun quotes to keep you motivated throughout the slumpish days. Slumpish? Yea that describes it.

    It's time for another kayak camping trip into the backcountry, and so it's also time for a new list of things to bring. I have packing lists for every type of camping: car, backpack, day-pack, bicycle, kayak, small airplane, and even for bareboating in various environments from Alaska to the Bahamas. Each list is adjusted for where we are going , what we’ll be doing, and how long we’ll be there. Here are a few things I take into account when planning what to pack:


    Let’s face it. What’s better than kayaking? If you live by the water, have easy access to the river, or own a packable, portable K-Pak, you may head out on a weekly basis. Just like every sport, kayaking has some drawbacks if you are just getting started. A few of these include knowing the class of the river and which sections to look out for, and having a put-in and drop-off point with the adequate transportation to bring you back home. Spending a few days on the river can make this effort worth it and you can enjoy the extra miles in the kayak. Fall is a great time to get out on the river and enjoy some camping along the way. We put together some tips for your next kayaking camp trip. Scroll through some of these suggestions and enjoy even more time on the water!

    Here at The Folding Boat Co, we're constantly trying to improve and build upon our current and future models. What better place to get feedback from - than you! The real life paddlers who are kayaking regularly and enjoying time on the water. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, and, by completing you have the option to enter a sweepstakes for a K-Pak Folding Kayak - our original model!

    Ever have hunger ruin a perfectly good trip? We know the feeling, out in the wilderness, among beauty and beautiful flowing water and all you can think about is a large pizza with extra toppings. While pizza is always an option for an easy snack, you might opt-in for some more protein rich options to keep you satisfied longer. Don’t let hunger take over your trip and try some of these options for your next adventure.